Since quality is important, many manufacturers are putting an increased focus on professional tool grades. There are many factors that separate high-quality hand tools from their inexpensive counterparts. The materials used to construct a tool, the manufacturing process, the engineering of the tool and the tool’s comfort and ease of use all play a big part in the quality of the final product.

Product quality goes hand in hand with safety. Many tools, when used improperly, can pose a serious risk of injury to the user or others in close proximity. Videos, booklets and charts that teach hand tool safety are available through the Hand Tools Institute, (914) 332-0040.Tool advancements continue to focus on ergonomics. Some manufacturers have developed hand tools specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors and female DIYers.

Power Up Your Holidays: Top 8 Gifts for Him

Most men gather an array of tools for their workshop to be prepared for any task that comes up. You know the necessities—hammer, screwdriver, tape measure—but let’s take a look at the top eight power tools you can get the man in your life this holiday season. Cordless power drill There’s little doubt that he’ll […]


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