With so many electric appliances these days, it’s a wonder what we ever did before coffeemakers and toasters? And while variety is the spice of life, electric appliances come in many different shapes and sizes to perform many different functions. This section will help to simplify all the different electric appliances so that you can find the one that most suits your needs.

But while these houseware items certainly make life easier, they should not be used haphazardly. By following just a few safety tips like not yanking on the cord to disconnect a plug from a socket, replacing worn and damaged cords and turning off an appliance before unplugging it, accidents in the home can be avoided.


Most plastic housewares are either- thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic. THERMOPLASTICS Kitchen storage items and food preparation utensils are examples of thermoplastics which include rigid or flexible polyethylene, nylon, vinyl and acrylics. In the manufacturing process, heat and pressure are applied to dry materials in a mold. The finished product melts when re-subjected to heat, making […]


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