5 Things You Won’t Find at a Big-Box Store

Why Smaller Is So Much Better

The supercenter advertises low prices and goods stacked to the ceiling. So, why does it feel like you’re missing something? The answer is right down the street and proves that smaller really is better. Here are five things you won’t find at a big-box store that your local retailer has every day.

1. Space That Works – It’s easy to feel lost in a megastore because the average big box chews up more than 5 acres of real estate. That’s a lot of hiking just to find out AC filters are on Aisle 115 when you’re in Aisle 25. Smaller outlets make more out of less space with shopper-friendly floor plans that save time and steps, and you can always find your car on the parking lot.

2. Sincerely Good Service – When you walk through the doors of a local retailer, the greeting is real. It comes with a smile from someone who’s ready to help you find anything, check prices or just share DIY advice. You don’t get passed around from one associate to another. Sincerely good service focuses on making sure that you always have a great customer experience.

3. More Interesting Choices – A smaller store doesn’t have to be a specialty shop to offer unique products. It doesn’t have to cover huge operating expenses, and that means inventory flexibility that you can’t find at the supercenter. If you’re looking for tools and supplies that don’t fit inside the standard megastore box, chances are good you’ll find them at the local hardware store or they will special order it for you.

4. Surprisingly Personalized Value – When a staff member recommends a product and gives you tips on how to use it or install it, you’re getting more than a good deal. You are getting personal and professional expertise, which could save you money in the long run. Sometimes you can’t find anyone to help you in the larger warehouse retailer.

5. Real Community Commitment – Your local retailer doesn’t support area charities and school sports because it looks good on the company’s website. He does it because he knows the people who work hard with different organizations, and his kids play on those school teams. That sense of family you enjoy in a small store is a real commitment to the entire community.

You deserve a retail experience that serves up personal service, and our teams here at Rocky’s Hardware are always happy to make you feel right at home. We aren’t the biggest store on the block, but we’re the one that really cares, so stop by, and visit with our family anytime.

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