Deck Out Your Backyard

Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Even if you have a small backyard, a cozy and inviting deck can make your outdoor space seem more welcoming. Some homeowners make their decks an extension of the home, filling it with comfortable furniture, wall-mounted televisions and decor. Others transform their decks into outdoor kitchens with built-in grills, appliances and seating for friends and family. No matter its size or shape, there are many ways you can “deck out” your deck and turn it into a fantastic getaway space.

5 Deck Design Ideas

  1. Create a cozy nook.

Plush patio furniture can turn any deck into a great place to relax. Combine wicker furniture with throw pillows, a decorative rug and comfy ottomans to make the space more inviting. You can also add a fire pit, plants and accent tables to tie everything together and create a cohesive look.

  1. Make it a private affair.

Do prying eyes make sitting on your deck an uncomfortable experience? Create more privacy with a row of evergreens. A privacy hedge not only blocks your neighbors but also blends in with the natural surroundings. You could also set up lattices on each side of your deck and grow climbing roses and vines to create privacy and beauty in one.

  1. Go bold and beautiful.

With all the deck design ideas out there, why do what everyone else does? If earth tones are your thing, then go for it, but you can also choose more colorful and vibrant colors for your deck. Blue or yellow deck furniture adds a burst of color while complementing the green landscape and the blue sky above.

  1. Surround it with nature.

Bring your landscape onto your deck by decorating with plants. Set plant hangars on the deck railings, and hang potted plants from the ceiling or the rafters. You can also add a water feature such as a fountain to create soothing sounds and make the space feel even more relaxing.

  1. Set the perfect mood.

Don’t limit your outdoor fun to daytime alone. Create the perfect mood at night by installing warm lighting on your deck. You can hang string lights along the railings, accent the area with directional ground spotlights or install lamps and sconces to create a tranquil setting.


When you’re ready to take your deck to the next level, visit Rocky’s Ace Hardware for tools and supplies to get started. Whether you’re setting the mood with string lights or building an addition to your deck, we have everything that you need conveniently in one place.

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