DIY Pest Prevention Tips

Whether you own a house or rent an apartment, it's important that you feel safe and healthy in your personal space. When insects and rodents invade your home, they can cause discomfort and pose threats to your health. While there might not be much you can do to prevent pests from existing, you can certainly take steps to keep them away from your space. Use these five DIY pest control tips to keep bothersome insects and vermin away.

Seal Your House

Mice, rats and cockroaches can enter your home through even the smallest cracks or holes. To keep pests out, seal these cracks yourself. Before you complete any sealing, be sure to thoroughly clean out the space. Be sure that all cracks and holes are free of pests before you seal them. There's nothing worse than the smell of a dead rodent trapped between your walls!

Use Bait and Traps Proactively

If you anticipate having pest problems at your home, put out traps or bait before you see intruders. Setting up a perimeter around your house to keep these critters out will help to fight a potential infestation. If you have pets or small children, be sure to read all pesticide and bait labels thoroughly. In most situations, it is best not to use bait if you have cats, dogs or pet rodents around the house.

Trim Bushes and Dispose of Clippings

Trimming your bushes eliminates habitat where nasty pests can live. After you've trimmed bushes and cut your lawn, be sure to dispose of all clippings properly. If you just leave clippings lying around, ants, roaches and vermin may take up residence or use them as a food source.

Clear Away Standing Water

Standing water attracts mosquitoes and other pests that rely on a water source to breed. If you notice standing water around your property, clear it away immediately. Fix any leaking pipes or hoses that create mosquito-friendly puddles. If insects have already begun to breed, spray them thoroughly after clearing away water.

Use Chemicals Sparingly

Most consumers don't have access to the chemicals that exterminators use to eliminate pests. However, you do have good options when it comes to easy-to-find chemicals and powders that you can use to discourage bugs. Try boric acid to get rid of cockroaches. Sprinkle clove essential oil around your kitchen to discourage ants.

Looking for DIY pest control supplies and tools? At Rocky's Ace Hardware stores, we'll be happy to help you find everything you need to keep your space free of troublesome pests.

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