Don’t Delay Spring Lawn Care Tasks

Tips to get your lawn ready for the coming season

Spring is the time to hit your local hardware store for the supplies you need to make your lawn lush and green. Winter takes a toll on all lawns, but you can bring yours back to life with these five simple springtime care tips.

Break Out the Rake

After spending half the autumn cleaning up leaves, the idea of raking again in the spring probably doesn’t fill you with enthusiasm. However, this chore is just as important now as it was before the winter. It gets rid of debris from the winter months and “fluffs” grass that has been compacted by the snow. This allows light and air to get in and dry the ground out, helping to prevent mold growth and giving your lawn a chance to revive.

Flatten It Out

An uneven lawn accumulates water in the low spots and gets damaged by the mower where it’s too high. If your lawn has visible peaks and valleys, take the time to even it out. You’ll not only improve its appearance but also create better conditions for grass to grow.

Plant the Seeds

Check the lawn for bare patches to determine if you need to plant new grass. Called “overseeding,” this spring lawn care task fills in gaps to ensure even growth and discourage weeds. Wait for temperatures to reach 65 degrees for optimal germination conditions and make sure to feed and water consistently to keep new grass healthy.

Start Up the Mower

Once the grass has grown to a height of three to four inches, grab the mower and chop it down. The first cut of spring should be short – around one-and-a-half to two inches – but try not to shave more than half an inch off freshly seeded grass. Avoid mowing with dull blades, as this can tear instead of creating a clean, healthy cut.

Fertilize the Grass, Starve the Weeds

Compost, mulching mowers, and organic fertilizers are all environmentally friendly ways to feed your lawn in the spring. Use just enough to stimulate growth, since excessive fertilizer may damage the grass. A healthy lawn is the best weed deterrent, but if you find you have a problem with weed growth, grab some gloves and a rake and pull them up.


Rocky’s Ace Hardware has everything you need to get your lawn all set for spring. Visit our website to browse all of our lawn and garden supplies and find the best solutions to jump-start your seasonal maintenance. If your lawn needs a little extra care, we can help you find exactly the right solution to bring it back to life after the long winter.

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