Easy Home Improvements for Under $10

Beautifying your home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg

Are you tired of looking at the same faded fixtures, furnishings and appliances? Would you like to freshen up your home’s interior for the benefit of your family, your guests and your own sanity? While we’re sure you answered in the affirmative, we understand that you might be worried about the cost. Fortunately, there are a number of home improvement projects you can execute for less than the cost of your next lunch. The materials for each of these ideas cost less than $10.

Replace Your Drawer Knobs

You don’t have to suffer the indignity of opening drawers with your fingernails. Replacing the knobs on your bathroom vanity or bedroom dresser drawers might be a lot cheaper than you think. We offer drawer knobs for just a few bucks and are happy to show you how to install them. Better yet, you can probably find a design that fits the style and color of your drawer—and the furnishings that surround it.

Fixing Electrical Plates

To replace a cracked or chipped electrical plate on your wall, turn off the circuit breaker to the room and carefully remove the broken item. Turn it over to examine its screw pattern. Although the most common configuration is a single screw, these patterns may vary. Once you identify the correct plate, buy an identical covering at your local Rocky’s hardware store and reattach with a new screw.

Clear Your Drains

You don’t need new piping to breathe new life into your drains. A bottle of drain cleaner or a simple snake costs less than lunch at the corner restaurant—and the results last a lot longer as well. For your guests, it’ll be like using a whole new bathroom.

Hang Your Wall Furnishings

Don’t drill unnecessary holes into your wall or buy expensive fixtures to hang things in out-of-the-way places. Our 3M Command hooks and hanging strips can help you tackle the toughest art-hanging projects without breaking the bank. Since they don’t require studs, they’re far more versatile than traditional hangers.

Your One Stop Hardware Store for Every Home Improvement Need

No matter what affordable home improvement project you’re looking to tackle with your next $10, make sure you get what you need at your friendly neighborhood Rocky’s hardware store. Our dedicated team of experts is happy to assist you with anything no matter how small or simple. For more complicated projects, we stand ready to offer guidance as well. Stop by Rocky’s today or use our handy store locator to get in touch!

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