Fall Cleanup: Preparing for Leaves

As autumn arrives once again, dads everywhere will be faced with the unenviable task of keeping their yards free from leaves and other rubble. Though kids across America will undoubtedly be anxious to use the fallen leaves to build forts and cubbyholes, it’s the job of the parents to keep the yard looking green and lush as the season advances. As a homeowner, you will likely be faced with cleaning up the debris. With a quick trip to your local Rocky’s hardware store to stock up on some fall lawn and garden supplies, you’ll be ready to do your civic duty.

1. Rake Leaves in Sections

If you own a house with several large trees in the yard, you’ll likely be aware of how monstrous it can be to rake leaves. To avoid backbreaking labor, consider raking the leaves in quadrants. When you commit to raking and picking up the leaves in sections, you can divide the task into manageable chunks. For larger yards, you may wish to use a leaf blower, which can significantly cut down on your work time.

2. Cover Your Swimming Pool

Though it’s a very sad thing indeed to have to close off the swimming pool for the year, this is one of the most crucial tasks. Pools that become choked with leaves and other debris will be extremely hard to clean. By dragging the tarp over the pool before the leaves begin to fall from above, you’ll save yourself quite a bit of anguish later on. After your kids have had one last chance to show off their cannonballs, the pool should be cleaned, covered and declared inactive until spring.

3. Prune Trees

While you are raking leaves and grudgingly lifting them into garbage bags at strategic points across your yard, you should also consider pruning your trees and hedges. Certain types of bushes are known for growing rather quickly, and a sturdy pair of clippers will allow you to cut the offending branches without a problem. Maples, oaks, pines and other large trees can also be trimmed in this way, especially if the branches are beginning to threaten the house itself.

4. Fertilize the Lawn

While you’re waging war against the leaves, you should commit to fertilizing your yard one last time before winter arrives in force. Because kids often love to help with these kinds of tasks, you should allow them to join in whenever possible. Most fertilizers are fed into push-carts and injected into the ground through small holes. Allowing the kids to help push the cart will prevent the project from becoming overly boring.

If you ultimately need assistance with improving the aesthetics of your yard, come visit us at your local Rocky’s Ace Hardware. We’ll be able to set you up with some tools that can help you navigate the process. You’ll soon be ready to greet autumn in style.

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