Fall in Love With Fall

Get Moving With The Seasons

It’s only natural to want to enjoy summer’s awesome weather forever. But as the season changes, look forward to everything autumn has to offer. Fall is the perfect time to get creative around the house, and thanks to the cooler air, you don’t even have to break a sweat in the process. Here are some inspired ideas for welcoming the season.

Immerse Yourself in the Zen-Like Music of Nature

Tired of those noisy neighbors? Drown them out with something a bit more soothing.
Installing a softly babbling water feature provides you with the perfect complement to bird feeders and houses. Many North American birds are migratory, but appropriately stocked feeders can attract numerous species that make appearances as far north as Maine during fall and winter.

Why Wait Until December to Hang Decorations?

Although they’re most commonly associated with holidays like Christmas, wreaths signifying the harvest date back thousands of years. Of course, you don’t have to be a wheat-laden farmer to appreciate these naturalistic decorations. Creating a wreath of colorful dried corn, gourds or even pinecones adds the ideal touch of fall flair.

Wreaths are also great for filling your foyer or hearth with the scents of autumn. Your summer herb garden may not survive the cold, but why let its aromatics go to waste when you could easily weave them into a functional decoration or centerpiece? This is also the perfect opportunity to break out the hoe and rotate your fall and early winter crops into their garden plots.

Heat up Your Surroundings

Thanksgiving isn’t typically associated with outdoor celebration, but why not break the mold? That grill you were putting through its paces all summer probably works just as well when the weather is brisk, and it’ll undoubtedly be far more pleasant to stand around. Start getting your practice in early, and by the time you have family around for the holidays, you’ll be prepared to redefine your traditional meal to rave reviews.

Use the Rest of Those Canning Supplies

So you have a few Mason or Ball jars left over after preserving the remainder of your favorite summer crops? Fill them with your favorite seasonal simmering spices, and they’ll be ready to go anytime you want to freshen things up.

Or gather the kids and some masking tape stencils to paint your jars and create mess-free, indoor-friendly jack-o-lanterns. Hung on walls, painted mason jars are also perfect vases for elegant fall-colored foliage and dried flowers.

There’s no limit to the ways you can make your home the envy of your friends and neighbors this fall. Visit Rocky’s Ace Hardware for more great ideas and supplies, and get ready to enjoy autumn.

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