Homeowner’s Tips for Fall Maintenance

Start Getting Ready for Winter

Fall is a season of transition, and as the weather starts to cool, it’s a good idea to take stock of your home maintenance schedule and make sure everything is in good shape before winter. Shift gears from lawn maintenance, gardening, building projects and outdoor activities; it’s time to start focusing on winter prep.

Landscaping & Lawn

In the summer, the trees around your house burst with foliage and flowers. Then as the leaves change, trees offer one last colorful display before they go bare for the winter. Those fallen leaves may be fun to crunch underfoot, but you’ll want to make sure they’re cleared away before the first snowfall. Otherwise, they’ll decompose under the snow and may cause damage to your landscaping underneath.

Of course, you’ll want to make sure your lawn is tidy, too. The grass may go dormant and slow its growth during cold months, so you may not need your lawnmower for a while. Make sure you prepare your mower for storage properly, so it’s ready next time you need it.

Finally, look out for bare branches. Winter weather can make branches heavy with icy rain, so if your trees are overhanging part of your home or powerlines, make sure they’re pruned back so they won’t cause any damage. If you need pruning gear, visit Rocky’s Ace Hardware for loppers, step ladders, pole saws and more. Remember to be safe, and call a professional arborist if you need assistance.

Gutters, Roof and Exterior

Your roof is the barrier that separates your home interior from harsh winter snowfall and ice. Avoid the dreaded ice dams by making sure your roof insulation is properly installed. Visit Rocky’s to stock up on insulation materials.

Rain gutters are essential during rainy months, but when rain turns to ice and snow they can turn into a liability. Make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of debris so they don’t get clogged and frozen. Gutter covers can help make keep debris out of your gutters, too.

If your home’s exterior lighting is starting to look dim, replace bulbs now before it starts getting dark early in the evening. Consider upgrading to LED bulbs, which last long and use energy efficiently.

Welcome Winter

It may be difficult to say goodbye to summer, but remember to put away or cover your grill, outdoor furniture and accessories, and finish up any additional improvement projects before it gets too cold to be working outdoors. Whenever you need tools or materials for home maintenance projects, Rocky’s provides everything you need, all year long. Contact us any time for assistance with your winter weatherproofing.

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