How to Stay Thrifty and Toasty This Winter

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you have to freeze inside your home this winter. If you’re like most people, you prefer to keep the thermostat on a lower temperature to save on energy bills during the cold season. However, it usually comes at the price of feeling chilly while lounging on the couch. When the winter weather forces you inside, you can still stay warm and toasty without draining your wallet on an expensive power bill.

5 Tips for Enjoying a Warm and Thrifty Winter

1. Dress in layers.
You don’t have to bundle up to the point where you can hardly move, but you may be surprised at how warm a sweater can keep you indoors. Consider thermal underwear as an added layer to keep warm over the course of the day. As the temperature rises, you can shed the layers and then bundle up again at night.

2. Block air leaks.
Roll up a few towels, and stuff them at the bases of all the windows and doors in your home. Wherever you feel an air leak, cover it with a towel or a blanket. You can also buy an inexpensive foam sealant or weather stripping to block the gaps around the windows.

3. Cover bare floors.
Keep your feet nice and warm on a hardwood floor or kitchen linoleum with an area rug. The Thrifty Couple suggests always wearing socks while you’re indoors as a way to protect your feet from cold surfaces. Since much of your body heat escapes through your feet, wearing socks and standing on a rug can provide better insulation against the cold

4. Use window drapes wisely.

5. Drink warm liquids.
Hot tea, chocolate and coffee will naturally raise your body temperature and keep you much warmer throughout the day. If you keep something hot to drink by your side, you’ll always feel warm and toasty even with a lower thermostat setting.

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