Keep Pests Out In The Cold This Winter

Have you taken steps to keep pests from being cozy in your home this winter?

There’s no doubt that summer is the prime pest season, but, as you may learn, they aren’t completely inactive in the winter. In fact, some of these invaders are more likely to seek out the warmth and shelter of the indoors when it’s cold, wet and snowy outside. In this month’s blog, we’ll look at some ways you can keep pests out in the cold this winter.

Food storage

Avoid setting a dinner table for pests by keeping your countertops and other surfaces clear of food and debris. Keep an eye out for crumbs under counters, the fridge and other appliances, and ensure all food is stored in sealed containers to prevent easy access. Don’t overlook your pet’s food, which attracts rodents, and make sure it’s properly sealed similar to your family’s food.

Seal entry points

To effectively prevent pests from entering your home, it’s important for you to seal off any possible points of entry. Rodents are capable of squeezing through small gaps, so we recommend you close off any openings larger than a quarter of an inch. Repair any tears in window screens and seal cracks in the walls or foundation with wire mesh. If there are gaps where your pipes enter the home, fill them with mesh and caulk.

Elevate firewood

Firewood is a favorite hideout for mice and rats. To remove rodent-friendly conditions, elevate your logs at least 18 inches off the ground. Also, be sure to store your wood at least 20 feet from your home and examine your wood before bringing it inside.

Remove the clutter

Pests thrive in a cluttered environment, which provides plenty of convenient hiding spots, especially in parts of the home that aren’t primary living spaces such as basements, attics and garages. Start by clearing out any stacks of old newspapers and other junk. Boxes clustered together can create vermin lairs, so make sure your stored items are organized and elevated off the ground.

Maintain landscaping

Trim any branches that hang close to your house as they could provide rodents with easy access to your roof or attic. Clean up any overgrown vegetation and remove weeds and leaf piles to ensure pests have fewer places to hide.

Make sure you take the appropriate steps to keep pesky invaders from seeking warmth inside your home this winter. Your local Rocky’s Ace Hardware store carries all the tools you’ll need to battle pests, from totes for storing your belongings to traps and caulk for keeping those unwanted guests out in the cold.

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