Moldy Drains: Stink-Free Solutions

It’s always disturbing to smell a pungent, moldy odor in your house, but when it’s emanating from a place where you rinse your lettuce or brush your teeth, it’s especially disgusting.Mold and mildew tend to grow in moist environments. Keeping your house dry is the best way to control them. Since life without running water is quite difficult, keeping your plumbing and drains dry isn’t really an option.

The Source of Your Sink Stink
Besides being continually exposed to water, your drain pipes become clogged with hair, grease and food particles. The unpleasant debris smells offensive enough on its own, but when opportunistic mold and mildew start growing in it, both the clog and the foul odor gets worse. The stench quickly takes on the familiar moldy character that makes you feel queasy and totally sabotages the spa-like ambiance of your bathroom or the appetizing aroma of your casserole. In some cases, defects or anomalies in plumbing cause water to pool inside pipes and components where mold and mildew spores can collect and grow.

Getting Rid of the Odor
If your sink is clogged, unstopping the drain alone may clear up the odor. When other problems are causing mold or mildew to collect, you may need a plumber to investigate the underlying issue. In the meantime, you can get rid of the smell and make your house pleasant again. Here are a few safe, non-toxic methods you can try.

Insert a funnel into your drain. Pour ½ cup of baking soda into the funnel. Follow this with 1 cup of distilled white vinegar. Remove the funnel, and enjoy the fizzy chemical reaction between the two substances as mold and mildew meet their foamy demise. Wait about 15 minutes. Run hot water down the drain for about one minute. Wait five more minutes, and then run cold water for one minute.

If your garbage disposal is the culprit, fill it with ice and add ½ cup vinegar. Run the disposal until all ice is gone. To help maintain its freshness, place a chopped lemon with peels into the disposal once or twice a week.

If your odor problem is persistent, there may be mold trapped in your drain tailpiece. Remove the strainer and disassemble the P-trap to access and physically remove the mold with a bottle brush and dish detergent.

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