Protecting Your Mail From Harsh Weather and Criminals

End Your Mailbox Woes Without Chasing Your Neighbor’s Kids Around

Sure, you could always install a beach umbrella at the end of your driveway to keep your mail out of the rain, and then you’d even have somewhere to sit while you stood guard against vandals. Unfortunately, you’ve got other things to do, and you’re pretty sure your boss wouldn’t give you the day off just because you’re expecting an important letter. Here are three simple suggestions for protecting your mail.

Make Your Mailbox One-Way Only

The little red flag that tells the mail collector to pick up your bills is convenient, but it also lets thieves know that there’s something worth investigating in your mailbox. Idle teen vandals aren’t the only criminals you need to worry about, and only using your mailbox for incoming mail is a good way to keep people from nosing around where they shouldn’t be sniffing. Although traveling to the Post Office or local drop box is slightly more inconvenient, it’s nowhere near as annoying as having your mail mysteriously disappear on a regular basis.

Don’t Let Your Mail Pile Become a Raging Tide

When your mail starts flowing out of the box, you’re just asking people to help themselves to a piece or two. Even worse, you’re unlikely to notice missing items when there are dozens to sort through at any given moment.

Collecting your mail more often makes it harder for parcels and letters to go missing. It also reduces the chance that items will get soggy in the rain or float away on a sudden breeze. Yes, we know it’s no fun to go through your mail every day, especially when you’re receiving a ton of junk, but at the very least, bring it all inside your house where you can deal with it in private.

Beat the Opposition With Superior Hardware

What do you do when Mother Nature, local kids and thieves seem to have a personal vendetta against you? The most straightforward solution is to get a better mailbox.

A sturdy mailbox that closes tightly is a great deterrent against accidental losses and theft. It’s also harder for kids to bust open with baseball bats, rocks, skateboards or whatever they have on hand. Some homeowners purchase lockable boxes that have room for large parcels so that they can count on their care packages and Internet orders arriving on time and untouched.

Ready to start guarding your mail better? Check out Rocky’s Ace Hardware to discover more tools and supplies for fortifying your mailbox.

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