Top 10 Reasons You Need a Wet/Dry Vacuum

It’s Not Just for Wet Floors Anymore

You probably think of it as your go-to buddy for flooded floors, but the trusty wet/dry vacuum is a very versatile appliance. Here are 10 surprising reasons for keeping this big guy handy.

1. Dishwashers Eat Glasses – Even if you hear it happening, it’s too late to stop the carnage. When the dishwasher makes toast out of dishes, clean up the mess with your wet/dry vac.

2. Gutter Work Is Hard – All than gunk in the gutters gives up when you attack it with a wet dry vac. You’ll need an attachment, but your handy hardware store has plenty in stock.

3. Leaves Don’t Walk to the Compost Pile – Why rake, bag and drag? Use the wet dry vac for a powerful approach to fall cleanup, and then just dump it all in your compost pile.

4. Defrosting the Deep Freezer Gets Sloppy – Chill out, forget mopping, and save your back too. After pans of hot water do the hard work, vacuum out the wet mess in a matter of minutes.

5. Aquariums Take Forever to Drain – Cleaning up that 20-gallon fish tank goes a lot faster when you use the vacuum hose as a siphon. Just make sure you’ve moved all your tetras and bettas first.

6. Hair Tangles in Drains – Cleaning out the bathtub drain isn’t much fun, and hair is surprisingly strong. Break its tangled grip with the powerful suction of a wet/dry vac.

7. Spiders Are Scary – Smelly bug spray and rolled up newspapers aren’t much of a defense against pests that scurry into dark corners. Suck those arachnids into oblivion with your wet dry vac.

8. Fireplace Ashes Make a Mess – That ultra-fine dust goes everywhere when you try to clean it up, but a wet/dry vac clears the hearth with one quick sweep. Always be sure your ashes are cold and dead.

9. Guests Shouldn’t Blow Up Mattresses – Holiday company makes the house merrier if everyone has a place to sleep. Extra bedding is a breeze when you inflate mattresses with the wet dry vac.

10. Thanksgiving Turkeys Jump Off Plates – Gravy boats capsize, mashed potatoes hit the floor, and stuffing explodes. Make mincemeat of holiday food mishaps with your handy wet/dry vac.

We know how much you love appliances, tools and power equipment that can handle more than one job. We have plenty of ideas for getting the most out of your hardware collection, so just check with our helpful team here at Rocky’s. We’re always happy to be at your service.

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