Why Choose Scott’s Lawn Care?

How you can have a great lawn without a fight

Grass gets no respect. People walk on it, kids run and jump and slide across it, and dogs—well, we won’t talk about dogs. Yet the lawn keeps on fighting, fighting bravely to reach the sky…until someone comes along with a lawnmower.
To get a great lawn, give your grass what it needs to take care of itself. Healthy grass crowds out weeds and resists pests. It recovers easily from scorching hot days and long, bitterly cold winters. Here at Rocky’s, we like Scotts for all lawn and garden applications. Scotts Turf Builder products are based on years of experience in helping homeowners keep lawns and gardens beautiful.
After a long winter most lawns need a touch-up. Scotts PatchMaster is perfect for filling in bald spots. For larger areas, Turf Builder seed is a natural choice. EZ Seed Dog Spot Repair is great for—wait, we weren’t going to talk about dogs.
All lawns need to be fed, watered, and mowed, but it isn’t enough just to do it. It has to be done right. Feeding is easy. Just get Scotts Turf Builder, either in the bag, the jug with built-in spreader for smaller lawns, or in the Scotts Snap Spreader. Turf Builder can be fed any time of year, and once it’s been watered in is safe for kids and pets.
What’s the Snap Spreader? It’s Scotts way of making a great lawn easy. The lightweight spreader holds a SnapPac of fertilizer, seed, weed killer or insect killer. SnapPacs are lighter than traditional bags, and snap easily into the spreader. There’s a control on the handle to let you keep the product from spraying past the edge of the lawn. When the job is done, simply unsnap the bag—it seals itself.
Just a Little off the Top
Mowing isn’t just a matter of looks. Shorter grass has shallower roots, which limits the amount of water and nutrients it can take from the soil. Set your mower to cut the grass between two and three inches tall. This helps the plants absorb more energy from sunlight. Your lawn needs that energy to fight off weeds, pests and backyard football.
Don’t Overwater!
Watering can be tricky. When grass gets just a little moisture at a time, it grows shallow roots. This makes the plants susceptible to drought, weeds and pests. Give your lawn a good soaking once a week—less often if there’s been a lot of rain. Your lawn food can help. Turf Builder has Water Smart to keep grass happy with less water.
We Can Help
Need help finding the right Scotts products for your lawn? Rocky’s can help. We have the know-how to help you get started. Stop by one of our conveniently located hardware stores or check our website for all your lawn and garden needs.

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