Your Lawn Should Be a Lush Green Oasis

Lawn care tips for a beautiful, healthy yard

Surveying the dry soil and drab, patchy grass around your lawn after the winter can be depressing. Despite how bad things look, however, there’s no reason to despair. You can get the lush green lawn of your dreams by following a few simple steps.

Know your pH

Soil pH should be between 6.5 and 7 to maintain a healthy lawn. A quick check with a pH tester can tell you if the winter weather left your lawn too acidic. Adding lime brings pH back up where it needs to be.

Get the Right Mix

Both the soil and the grass in your lawn need to be the right type. Grass thrives in a mixture of clay, silt and sand that’s not too heavy or too light. The kind of grass you grow depends on the local climate and how much foot traffic your lawn gets. Your best bet is to choose a hardy local variety that’s bred to grow in the area.

Take Time to Aerate

Compacted soil doesn’t allow air, water or nutrients to get to the roots of grass and plants. Aeration, either done with an aerator machine or special spiked “aerator sandals,” gives these essential elements a way in so that they can nourish your lawn.

Be Smart About Mowing

Grass should be cut no shorter than 2.5 inches during the spring and summer seasons. Anything lower spurs the growth of matted thatch that prevents grass from getting the nutrients it needs. Short grass also leads to dry soil that compacts more easily and undermines your aeration efforts. Therefore, mowing higher and less often benefits the health of your whole lawn.

Give Grass a Good Drink

Grass needs about an inch of water once per week to thrive. Simply spritzing it with the sprinkler every day won’t do any good, especially in hot, dry weather. Deep watering encourages root growth to establish long-lasting, healthy grass. Early evening is a great time to water so that it will be able to soak through the soil without evaporating.

Fertilize the Safe Way

Give your lawn an eco-friendly nutrient boost with organic, chemical-free fertilizers or homemade compost. Fertilizing cold-weather grasses in the fall and warm-weather varieties in spring and early summer is best for getting the vibrant green growth that you’re looking for.

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