Learn about Painting Chemicals

BRUSH AND ROLLER CLEANERS Commercially prepared brush and roller cleaners substantially reduce cleaning difficulty. Before these preparations are used, excess paint should be brushed or rolled from the tools. If directions are followed properly, cleaning is not a chore, and costly tools last for years. Commercially prepared, solvent-based brush cleaners should not be used to […]


Learn about Ladders

The three basic types of ladders are straight (extension), step and step/extension. Stepladders include step-stools and platform ladders, generally for home or light commercial use. Quality classifications of step/extension ladders include consumer (household), commercial (mechanic) and industrial grades. Metal ladders, usually made of aluminum, require little if any maintenance. Wood ladders should be treated with […]


Interior Decor

WALLCOVERINGS Applying wallcovering is very much the province of do-it-yourselfers. Technical advancements make “paper-hanging” a relatively easy redecorating job. Self-adhesive or pre-pasted coverings simplify the job; paper- or fabric-backed vinyl wallcoverings handle more easily than paper coverings. Self-adhesive coverings, similar to, but heavier than shelf linings, have an adhesive applied to the back side, protected […]


Glazing Materials

GLAZING MATERIALS: GLASS Architectural glass – glazing for windows, doors, shower enclosures and other household – installations is governed by the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) Safety Standard for Architectural Glazing Materials. The standard, whose purpose is to reduce or eliminate risk of injury associated with walking, running or falling through or against glazing materials, specifies […]



Power Systems Electric/Cordless trimmers are lighter and quieter than traditional gas trimmers. They also require no fuel mixing and eliminate the need to pull start. However, electric/cordless trimmers are less powerful. Electric trimmers are recommended for those with smaller yards (usually under 100 yards from an outlet) because of the constraint of using an extension […]


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