Depending upon the model, these machines shred, grind, tear and pulverize a wide assortment of materials such as leaves, twigs, hedge clippings, brush, branches and even thin metal. The basic design usually includes two wheels, handle, intake hopper where the debris is funneled into the cutting area, blades and engine. Some shredders utilize high-speed rotating […]


Power Units

Power sources for lawn and garden equipment fall into three categories: gasoline engines, electric motors and battery-powered electric motors. For smaller equipment, the convenience of cordless operation is a major feature. Not only has extended battery life contributed to the popularity of cordless tools, but lightweight gasoline engines on products such as string trimmers allow […]


Power Hedge Trimmers

The most frequently sold hedge trimmers and shears are electrically and battery-powered units, although gasoline models are manufactured. Usually these tools have 14″ or longer steel blades and protective housings to guard against shocks to the user. Consumers should consider some of the quality features in these tools when making a purchase. Double-edge blades allow […]


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