Rocky’s Ace Hardware wishes Bob and Mike Chandler a happy retirement as they close their family-owned hardware store after 62 years

Rocky’s Ace Hardware, a family-owned business with neighborhood-based stores in six states, wishes Fairhaven True Value Hardware owners Bob and Mike Chandler a happy retirement, and additionally thanks the Chandler family for its 62 years of service to area residents. “Bob and Mike Chandler have been a great part of this community and we applaud […]


April showers can contribute to a green lawn come May!

To ensure a year-long lush lawn, proper lawn care in the month of April is critical. If spring lawn care is neglected, added maintenance could be required throughout the rest of the year. The good news is that the chores required in the spring don’t entail nearly the amount of work that you’ll have to […]


With Rocky’s, spring cleaning can be good, clean fun

If you’re like many, you spent the larger part of March wishing for the next season’s arrival, and over the last couple of weeks, for its seasonal warmth. Well, wishes granted: Spring is in full swing. So, open those windows, take in the air—and get started on that annual project list! In the world of […]


Rocky’s Ace Hardware lends leadership to 26th Annual #GreenNFit Neighborhood Rebuild Springfield

As a family-owned business with neighborhood-based stores in six states, Rocky’s Ace Hardware knows neighborhoods—and is committed to helping them thrive. For the eighth year running, employees from local Rocky’s stores will be among roughly 1,000 volunteer participants in #GreenNFit Neighborhood Rebuild Springfield, an annual initiative through the Revitalize Community Development Corporation (Revitalize CDC). Taking […]


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