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Anyone who’s owned a home for several years knows how easy it is to put chores off until the next weekend or a holiday, and the chores never got completed. Thankfully, most home maintenance tasks don’t require much time or effort.

1. Check for Roof Damage

By the time you notice a problem, it’s already too late. Get up onto your roof at least twice a year and inspect the shingles for soft spots, which will start leaking after a year or two.

2. Lubricate Door Hinges

A squeaky door doesn’t cause much harm, but it only takes a few seconds to fix. Give it a short blast with a lubricant like Liquid Wrench, wipe off the residue, and swing the door open and close a few times to work the lubricant into the hinge.

3. Flush the Water Heater

The tap water in your home is safe to drink, but that doesn’t mean it’s completely free of sediment. Tiny particles will accumulate in your water heater and wear it down faster. Completely flush your water heater out once a year to extend its life.

4. Apply Caulking

Tiny leaks around doors and windows can cause your utility bill to creep up. Apply a small dab of caulking wherever you feel a draft.

5. Clean the Drains

If your drains back up, you might need to hire a plumber to unclog them, and service calls start at around $100. Simply use a small amount of drain cleaner when your sink begins to drain slowly.

6. Maintain Your Tools

Metal tools and supplies will start to rust if you don’t take care of them. Remove current rust with some steel wool, and wipe the tools off with an oily rag after you’re done using them.

7. Check Outdoor Equipment Oil Levels

A busted engine on a lawn mower can cost as much to repair as purchasing a brand new lawn mower. Check to make sure there’s enough oil before using your mower, chainsaw, and other lawn tools and supplies.

8. Clean the Gutters

Your gutter will fill up with leaves in the fall, so pull out your extension ladder. Cleaning the gutters on a one story house should only take three or four hours.

9. Clean or Replace Air Filters

Your home will still have some dust even if you vacuum twice a week. Check your air conditioner and dehumidifier air filters every three months.

10. Pressure Wash the Driveway

Concrete will become moldy over time, which creates a slick surface when it rains. To keep your driveway and sidewalk looking like new, pressure wash at least once a year.

If you need help figuring out which tools and supplies you need to maintain your home, come stop by one of our conveniently located Rocky’s Hardware stores or visit us online. We’ll be happy to provide ideas and tips for your next project.