Bath Accessories


Hampers in many colors and finishes, made of several materials including wicker, vinyl and wood.

Proper ventilation is necessary to keep damp clothes and towels from mildewing. A fiber or wicker hamper, coated to resist splintering and warping, offers good ventilation, while others have padded tops.


Quality is the most important feature for bath scales. Several points immediately identify a good scale:

  1. Weighing mechanism is reliable, long-lasting and accurate. Digital scales offer extreme accuracy plus easy reading.
  2. Bottom is fully enclosed to keep dirt out of mechanism.
  3. It doesn’t rattle when turned over or handled.
  4. It has a smooth finish that cannot be damaged by kicks or scuffs.
  5. It has a zero adjustment lever or screw to reset scale on zero if it gets out of adjustment.

Lower-priced scales are likely to have a baked enamel or plastic finish. Although these finishes are popular because of the color possibilities, they are more vulnerable to chipping and breakage.


Electronic scales work similarly to mechanical scales but weight is shown in LED or fiber optic numbers. Most require batteries and are activated when weight is placed on them.


Accessories include bathtub and shower mats and caddies, adhesive safety appliques, bath and shower grab bars, bowl brush sets, wastebaskets, soap dishes, towel bars and rings, tumbler holders, tissue holders, robe hooks, screens and space-saver shelves.

Because these items must not rust, they are usually made of ceramic, hard rubber, chrome-plated steel, brass, plastic, or chrome and plastic combinations.

Many bath accessories, like soap dishes, towel bars and tissue holders, can be recessed into the wall or surface-mounted.


Weight and finish are quality signs in metal accessories. Less-expensive fittings are stamped and will have rough finishes. Better-quality fittings have thicker bars, rings, etc., with a mirror finish free of imperfections.

Number of metal coatings also signals quality. An inner coating of nickel provides durability while an outer coating of chrome gives the item its gleaming finish. Others have a triple coating-first copper, then nickel, finally chrome.

Quality differences in plastic accessories are more difficult to recognize. Inexpensive items are thinner and lighter weight. Some reclaimed plastic will crack and chip with age. Occasionally, rough edges or mold marks indicate less than top quality.

Good plastic accessories have smooth corner surfaces and will feel like they are made of substantial material.

Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions. Information in this document has been furnished by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and associated contributors. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and safety. Neither NRHA, any contributor nor the retailer can be held responsible for damages or injuries resulting from the use of the information in this document.

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