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Plunger dusters range from 1/4-1/2 lb. capacity for home use and up to 3 lbs. for commercial jobs.

Like intermittent hand sprayers, a hand-operated air pump discharges only on the forward stroke of the plunger. The volume of dust discharged and range of carry are controlled by size of pump and speed of stroking.


Crank dusters provide a constant flow of dust while the crank is being turned.

Dust capacities range from 2 lbs. For homeowners to 15 lbs. For commercial users.

The volume of dust discharged through single or double outlets is controlled by a regulating device. Proper conversion of dust into a fine cloud and range of carry depend on air volume and velocity developed by the fan which is the result of cranking speed.

Discharge can be either in front of or behind the operator. Larger models are carried comfortably by straps over the shoulder.

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