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It’s that time of year again when the leaves start to change and the grass takes a break from growing. As fall settles in and winter follows close behind, you’ll want to prepare your lawnmower for the off-season in a way that offers protection from the elements and ensures that it’s ready for action in the spring. Whether your mower runs on gas or electricity, prepping it for the off-season doesn’t take much work and pays off in the end.

Storing Your Gas Mower

If you fail to prep your mower for the winter, you could have more problems than you bargained for when spring comes around. It only takes an hour or two to run through the following steps and to keep your mower in prime condition through the cold season.

1. Empty the gas tank.

Before siphoning the gas, add fuel stabilizer to the tank, and run the mower for a few minutes. Turn the mower off, let the engine cool and siphon the gas into a clean container. Restart the mower again and again until it no longer starts.

2. Remove the spark plug.

Remove the spark plug, and store it for the winter. Alternatively, you can disconnect the plug to prevent it from kick-starting.

3. Drain the oil.

Remove the blade before changing the oil to make the process much easier on yourself. Get a pan ready, and place a mat beneath the mower to catch any oil splatter. Replace the plug once you’ve drained all the oil. Afterward, clean the undercarriage, and reattach the blade.

4. Change the air filter.

Take out the old, dirty air filter, and replace it with a new one. You can also clean the air filter if it’s still in good shape and only has minor wear.

5. Store it in the right place.

Place your mower in the garage for the best results. However, if you park the mower outside, set it close to your home under an awning or a tarp. Leave enough room at the bottom of the tarp to allow better airflow and to prevent mold and mildew.


Storing Your Electric Mower

1. Inspect the blade.

Turn your mower over, and inspect the blade for dings and overall sharpness. Remove the blade, and resharpen it for better performance next spring.

2. Clean the underside.

With the blade removed, take a few moments to clean all the grass and dirt from the underside. Replace the blade once you’ve finished.

3. Clear the venting system.

Use an air blower to clear out the venting system. In addition, take the time to tighten every fastener and bolt.

4. Store the battery.

Recharge the battery, and remove it for storage according to the user manual. You may also have to remove it from storage every month or so and recharge it to full capacity.


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