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Enhanced Beauty in One Coat

Protect and renew your decks and wood furniture with a fresh coat of Minwax Wood Stain. Minwax products not only help to provide vibrant, rich colors, but they also enhance the natural wood grain. A single coat of this oil-based stain will completely transform any wood based product for the better!

Helpful Tips

No matter what your project, here are some helpful tips to get you the best look possible

  • Sand the wood in the direction of the grain. This will help you to get a smooth, uniform finish and will help to detect irregularities and dried glue. Remove these by sanding before staining.
    • Make sure to give extra attention to sanding the ends of the wood or “end-grains” to better control the heavier absorption of stain.
  • Choose the the right brush. Depending on stain type, different brushes are preferred.
    • For water-based products, make sure to ONLY use brushes with synthetic bristles
    • For oil-based products, use brushes with natural bristles
    • Keep in mind that natural bristles may soak up the water and cause the filaments to swell
  • Minwax Finishes come in dozens of different colors. When choosing your stain please keep in mind what type of wood you are staining and whether or not it has been previously stained. While mixing and creating custom colors is encouraged, we also want you to get the best look possible.
    • If you’re staining over a light finish, select a color a tone or two darker than your preferred look and vice versa for staining over a dark finish.
  • If staining outdoors make sure you check your weather app, you don’t want to stain in extensive heat or when there is a chance of rain within 48 of completion to give the stain enough time to settle
  • Make sure to wait until stain is completely dry before applying a clear coat to prevent chipping, peeling and bleeding
  • After you’ve completed staining your deck or furniture, make sure to wipe the rim of your can before sealing to save any leftover product
  • When washing your brushes remember that while soap and water is fine to clean off water-based products, you’ll want to use mineral spirits to clean off brushes used with our oil-based finishes