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Essential Gear for Weathering Snow and Icy Weather

When you think of winter, you may see images of holidays, family time, and warming up next to a toasty fireplace. Staying inside on a cold day is a delightfully cozy activity, but when the weather outside turns truly frightful, you’ll want to be ready for any situation.

Have you ever been caught off guard during an ice storm that knocks out your home’s electricity? Besides the inconvenience of bumping around in the dark, you may lose power in your heating system and your refrigerator. Fortunately, you don’t have to freeze (while your food in the fridge spoils) if you have an emergency household generator. This type of generator is installed in your home system, and kicks into action automatically in case of a power outage. Install one before you need it, and you’ll enjoy the comfort and security through even the harshest winter storm. If you don’t think you need a household generator, we also have a selection of smaller gas-powered generators, which have the added advantage of being easily portable.


If you’ve ever opened your front door only to be faced with several feet of snow piled up, you know the importance of a good snow shovel. Whether you need to scoop your way from your door to the sidewalk, or if you need to clear out an entire yard or field, you can find the right tools at Rocky’s. We have sturdy shovels that can handle even the toughest snowed-in driveways – and if you need even more power, check out our selection of snow throwers that will do the hard work for you. Don’t forget to pick up a bag of ice melt for your driveway or road.

If you need to drive no matter how snowy or icy the roads may be, you’ll want to outfit your vehicle with gear you may need in case of emergency. If you’re stranded in the snow, you’ll be glad you stocked your vehicle with an emergency generator and a tow rope. Even if you never find yourself in an emergency, you’ll want to have an ice scraper and brush to clear the snow off your windshield and roof during regular winter driving.

You can find a wide range of winter supplies, as well as all-season goods, at Rocky’s Ace Hardware. To find what you need, use our handy store locator today. You can also contact us online today.