Seal Out Summer Pests to Save Time and Money

DIY pest control methods keep bugs and rodents outdoors where they belong

Summer is meant to be a carefree time of year, but seasonal pests can turn a great day into a disaster if they turn up inside your house. Fortunately, there are plenty of simple things you can do to prevent indoor infestations and enjoy a pest-free home all season long.

Check the Doors

You might think that shutting the door will keep pests outside where they belong, but even the smallest gap can provide an entry point. Check to see if light comes in anywhere around the door and caulk all the holes you find. Install rubber sealers or weather stripping along the bottoms of doors, including the garage door, to ensure that nothing can crawl in underneath.

Fix the Windows

Look for tears or gaps in window screens and determine if they can be repaired. If not, replace the entire screen. Check for cracks and spaces around windows the same way you did with the doors and get out the caulking gun if necessary.

Seal Off Entry

While you’re caulking doors and windows, consider other potential entryways such as the spaces where pipes and wires connect to your home. You probably don’t think of the tiny hole where your cable line comes in as a doorway for pests, but both insects and rodents only need a small amount of space to get inside.

Install Mesh

Larger entry points such as crawl spaces, vents and chimneys can’t be closed off completely, but you can install fine wire mesh over them to keep pests at bay. Choose quarter-inch mesh to deter rodents, bats, raccoons and other wildlife from entering.

Keep it Dry

Bugs like damp places, so if there’s wet soil near your home’s foundation or dripping pipes making a puddle in the basement, you’re more likely to find yourself dealing with pests. Keep outdoor moisture at bay with mulch and fix indoor leaks to maintain a dry environment.

Practice Natural Pest Control

Plants, trees and piles of wood or leaves placed too close to the house offer insects and other pests an easy way in. Deny them entry by cleaning up piles and trimming greenery on a regular basis. If you feed birds, be sure to hang the feeders far enough away from the house to deter small pests like chipmunks and squirrels.

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