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Did You Ever Think Your Yard Could Be a Bird Sanctuary?

One of the best places to view wild birds is in your own backyard. To create a birdwatching haven in your home, half of the equation entails creating elements that bring the birds to the yard in the first place. The other half of the equation involves setting up a quiet viewing area where you can watch the birds without disturbing them.

Feed First

Once you start providing food for birds, you have to keep up the practice. Birds will become accustomed to getting food easily, and they could stop visiting if you suddenly eliminate the food source. Create an easy bird feeder using a pine cone, peanut butter and bird seed. Simply spread peanut butter on the pine cone, spread it with peanut butter, and roll it in bird seed. This is a great project to do with the kids.

If you want something a little more permanent, hang a few bird feeders around the yard. Different types of feeders will attract different kinds of birds. Put up a variety for more versatile viewing. If you don’t have any trees from which to hang a bird feeder, install a few wooden posts by digging a deep, narrow hole and filling it with concrete. Hang the bird feeders from the posts.

Provide Housing

If you have trees and large shrubs in your yard, you can provide shelter and nesting areas. Bird houses give the feathery friends a place to stay safe and raise their young. Provide nesting materials by filling a mesh onion sack with yarn and cotton and hanging it near the bird house.

Add Water

Birds are attracted to water. A moving water feature that babbles softly, like a fountain or a waterfall, will bring wild birds to the yard. Create a small pond in the garden, or add a pump to a birdbath to give birds a place to cool off or have a drink.

Quiet Viewing

You can attract birds to your yard, but if you don’t have a quiet spot from which to observe them, you may never see them. Add a hammock to a tranquil corner of the yard. Don’t place it too close to a feeder or nesting area. If your yard is often undisturbed, birds will feel safer visiting. You can also add a cozy chair to a nook inside near a window.


Transforming your backyard into a bird sanctuary can be easier than you think. No matter how big or small your project is, you can find all of your materials at Rocky’s Hardware. From bird houses and bird seeds to the materials to build a small pond, Rocky’s Hardware has the products that you need. Visit us today.