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Without enough rain, landscaping becomes a tricky challenge. Plants, flowers, grass and trees need water in order to thrive, but a drought can turn that all around. At Rocky’s ACE Hardware, we understand the difficulties associated with landscaping in dry conditions, but we can also offer you tips, tools & supplies to get you back on track. Here are some suggestions from STIHL for landscaping in dry conditions.

Keep Trees a Priority

It’s common for you to think that the grass is the weakest link in the drought puzzle, but trees should actually be your number one priority in dry weather. If they do well, they provide a shaded canopy for the surrounding area. Of course, there’s also the fact that trees are going to be a lot more expensive to replace than grass or a few flowering plants. If your trees are struggling, you might want to try drilling 24 inch holes around the tree’s base and then filling those holes with compost. This lets water reach the roots of the tree faster, and you can use your household drill or just pick up a new drill bit from your local hardware store.

Make Mulch Your New Best Friend

The number one way to protect plants from dry conditions is to start using mulch. Mulched soil is twice as effective at retaining water than its unmulched counterpart, which makes it an easy decision to make. Mulch, whether it is made from shredded bark or even sawdust, will keep soil at the right temperature, protect the moisture and even prevent weeds from popping up at the same time.

Don’t Lose Water to Evaporation

During a drought, one of the biggest ways that your landscape will lose water is through evaporation. Thankfully, there are a few ways that you can tackle this problem head on. First, you might want to start thinking about watering plants and your lawn a little earlier in the day. Watering before 9 a.m. means that there’s a smaller chance that the liquid evaporates before it ever benefits the plants. Second, stop spraying everything with a hose and invest in a far more efficient sprinkler system. We offer several options for a range of lawn sizes, and they work by ensuring that the grass actually absorbs the water throughout the day rather than sitting on the leaves or losing it to transpiration.

Whether you want to ensure that your trees last the summer, you want a green yard year-round or you just want to spend less time caring for it all, we’re here to help. By utilizing these tips from STIHL and our full range of products, you’ll end up with a garden that can withstand even the driest conditions.

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