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Hand mowers are available in four, five and seven-blade reel models. Some of these are designed to cut specific varieties of grass. Lower-end models have 14″ cutting widths with 8-1/2″ wheels; higher-end models have a cutting width of 16″ with 10″ radial tires. Steel fabrication and composite materials are used in all models to give easy maneuvering and lighter weight. Manufacturers claim that the mowers cut better than their motor-powered cousins and they are safe to use.

Consumers interested in hand mowers find them appealing at several different levels:

For the environmentally conscious, the mowers do not pollute the air with noise or emissions.

For the health conscious, the mowers provide exercise.

For those who prefer more leisure time, the mowers have very low-maintenance requirements.

For the economically minded, the average retail price for these mowers is less than $100.

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