Your lawn and garden can be a source of pride or frustration – but this advice from Rocky’s lawn and garden experts will help you keep everything looking great without the headaches. Get solutions for pest problems, tips for greener grass, and tricks to get bigger blooms or veggies from your gardens.


Don’t Miss Your Lawn’s Most Important Meal

You did it! Your lawn survived the dog days of summer thanks to your tireless efforts—and the Scotts® 4-Step Lawn Care Schedule. Now, to keep your work preserved for next year apply Scotts Step® 4 Fall Fertilization to strengthen the roots and protect your grass over the winter and enhance your green up for a […]


Keep your lawn stress free this summer

As the sun sizzles, your lawn can fizzle as maintaining it in the summer can leave a homeowner as stressed as their lawn may look and feel. To ease the experience of dealing with summer lawn maintenance, Rocky’s has provided a few helpful tips. Check Your Deck Adjusting the height of your mower deck reduces […]


April showers can contribute to a green lawn come May!

To ensure a year-long lush lawn, proper lawn care in the month of April is critical. If spring lawn care is neglected, added maintenance could be required throughout the rest of the year. The good news is that the chores required in the spring don’t entail nearly the amount of work that you’ll have to […]