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The time for fall clean-up is upon us. When you want tools you can depend on, you want EGO Power Plus. As the number one battery powered platform, EGO’s power tools can help you with any outdoor project. So, if you want to keep your lawn clean and green this fall, here are some of the tools that will help you get the job done.

Leaf Blowers

The era of raking leaves is long over. Leaf blowers drastically cut down the time needed to clear your lawn and we all know that in the fall months, that task must be done regularly. Leaf blowers are nothing new, and while gas blowers prove efficient when clearing debris, the loud motors can cause conflict with sleeping neighbors. EGO Leaf Blowers are battery operated and with turbine fan engineering, these machines are not only quiet, but also light-weight, and high-performing. With variable speeds and turbo buttons, EGO works in all conditions allowing you blow over wet leaves as well as rocks and mud.


Cleaning up dead trees and branches or gathering wood for months of sitting by the fire? You’ll want a chainsaw that can power through. EGO Power+ chainsaws combine Lithium batteries with a brushless motor for effortless cuts without the noise, fuss and fumes. EGO chainsaws are particularly helpful in emergencies. When storms blow trees over and large branches come down, you’ll want to remove debris as quickly as possible. Consider the Power+ 18″ Chain Saw. This powerful tool equips bright LEDs to illuminate your cuts when natural light is not readily available. With durable bar and chain, these saws provide effortlessly smooth cuts and a low-kickback design for safety.

Lawn Mowers

Maintain your lawn with the only battery powered mower more efficient than gas. EGO mowers are durable in all weather conditions. When not in use, select EGO models fold easily for compact storage in your shed or garage. Not only that, but these machines come lightweight making the lawn mowing process easy and fast for any user or any lawn. Switch between interchangeable lower blades for mulching or bagging depending on need or preference. With a self-propelled system and push button start, controlling an EGO mower proves incredibly simple.