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The most frequently sold hedge trimmers and shears are electrically and battery-powered units, although gasoline models are manufactured.

Usually these tools have 14″ or longer steel blades and protective housings to guard against shocks to the user.

Consumers should consider some of the quality features in these tools when making a purchase. Double-edge blades allow the home owner to cut in either direction, rather than in one direction as does a single-edge blade.

Phenolic plastic housings or double-insulated metal housings protect the operator against electrical shock, and quality trimmers are equipped with serrated or scalloped teeth to cut through tougher stems.

The comfort of a wraparound handle is an excellent feature, especially since it allows both right and left-handed operation. Chrome plating is not just window dressing; it protects exposed parts from rust.

While less-expensive trimmers may have only one cutting speed, higher-priced models usually have medium and high speeds. Medium speed converts power from cutting speed to cutting power and provides better blade control, less vibration, clean cuts, penetration of heavy undergrowth and quicker, easier cutting of thick branches. High speed is better for trimming light hedges.

Trimmers should be balanced and lightweight.

Heavy-duty models for professional use are equipped with motors that develop more than ¼ hp. Clutch protected for all-day jobs, they may have up to 200′ extension cords for access to a greater cutting area.

Check your state and local codes before starting any project. Follow all safety precautions. Information in this document has been furnished by the North American Retail Hardware Association (NRHA) and associated contributors. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy and safety. Neither NRHA, any contributor nor the retailer can be held responsible for damages or injuries resulting from the use of the information in this document.