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Another type of lawn cleaner uses the vacuum principle to handle debris. In addition to lawn applications and picking up grass and twigs, lawn vacuums can pick up paper, wood shavings and other trash from parking lots, factory or warehouse floors.

Two types of lawn vacuums exist. One is a wheel-driven unit that is either pushed or ridden like a rotary mower. The other is a handheld unit that is carried around much like a lawn trimmer.

Attachments like flexible hose kits allow lawn vacuums to pick up debris in shrubs and around growing plants and flowers without the danger of damage from raking.

Flexible discharge hoses are also available on some models to load debris into a mobile container, eliminating the need to dump the bag.

Features in quality units include high-capacity, self-discharging bags, interlocking tubes, anti-vibration handles, enclosed engines and grouped controls. On large units look for suction force to pick up a variety of debris, puncture-proof, semi-pneumatic tires and a strong engine with direct drive.

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